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Phazyme® provides fast multi-symptom gas relief
that goes to work in minutes!

Ultra Strength Phazyme® softgels contain the highest dose of the #1 physician and pharmacist recommended ingredient for the treatment of bloating, pressure and discomfort; symptoms commonly referred to as gas.

Phazyme® contains simethicone, the only active ingredient available without a prescription that's FDA-approved for the treatment of gas. Simethicone essentially pops the gas bubbles that get trapped in the stomach and intestine, relieving the pressure, bloating and discomfort this excess gas can cause.

Phazyme® comes in easy to swallow 180 mg softgels, the highest dose available by any leading brand.

When you have serious gas, reach for Phazyme®:

  • Ultra Strength Phazyme® contains the highest dose of simethicone of any leading anti-gas brand, the ingredient doctors recommend most for the relief of gas
  • Phazyme® goes to work in minutes to provide relief of multiple gas symptoms: discomfort, pressure and bloating
  • Phazyme® softgels are concentrated, so they are small and easy to swallow

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